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Granola bars – Blueberry

Granola bars are a great snack not only for those who are allergic to gluten. This bar contains the best combination of gluten free cereals and blueberries.

Granola bars – Blueberry

Roasted peanuts 25,6 %, dried raisins 14,6 % (raisins 99,5 %, sunflower oil), inverted sugar syrup, rice-corn flakes (rice 87,9 %, sugar, corn flour 2 %, salt), rice extrudate (rice 93 %, cane sugar, salt), maltose syrup, sweetened blueberries 6 % (blueberries 78 %, sugar, fructose, sunflower oil), roasted almonds 6 %, dextrose, rice flour, vegetable oils (palm oil RSPO, shea oil), emulsifier: soy lecihtin, natural flavouring.

The product may contain milk and other nuts.

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