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About Us

Emco is a family business situated in beautiful countryside outside Prague in the heart of Europe. Ever since it was established in 1990 it has been managed by family members who put their passion and dedication into producing natural healthy Emco products.

Emco is also one of the largest independent distributor of branded foods in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

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How it all began...


Emco company was founded by ZdenEk Jahoda in 1990

At the beginning Emco was engaged in exporting and importing of various food. Czech consumers meanwhile took the greatest liking to cereals, which until then had been practically unknown on the Czech market.


Today Emco is a leader
on the domestic market
and exports to more than
50 countries all over the world.

During time more products were added to the Emco portfolio - oatmeals, biscuits, bars and others.


The first cereals were being produced and imported from Germany under German brands

It was in the year 1994 when the brand Emco appeared on the Czech market. Name Emco being a compound word of „Em“ (pronunciation of the letter M, after his son Martin) and „co“
(as a company). 

Since 1998 Emco makes its own products in the Czech Republic.

Zdeněk Jahoda started baking the first müsli in an ordinary kitchen oven. In these days a production is professional. The oat flakes come from Czech farmers and are processed in Emco ́s own mill in southern Bohemia.


Our mission is to make your breakfasts and snacks healthier and tastier.



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The main ingredient – oat flakes – is made in our own oat mill in South Bohemia, where the best oat is grown. Careful selection of each ingredient is the basis of keeping the high standard of our products.
Unique production technology allows us to supply products with specific properties and produce oat flakes in the quality expected by customers.


Five Emco actions for corporate social responsibility

What is Emco doing to protect the environment and pass on our planet to the next generation in the best shape possible?

We have identified five areas where we will work tirelessly to enhance the sustainability of our operations.

We are aware that there is always room for improvement, but we feel it is important to take action now and move things forward as quickly as possible.



Offering healthier products

Delivering tasty and healthy products is part of Emco’s DNA. We have already removed palm oil from our portfolio and started offering vegetable protein products. We were the first to come up with sugar-free crunchy müsli and have launched alternative no-sugar-added lines of products in all our main categories (müsli, porridge, biscuits and bars). We have won several “Reformulation of the Year” awards for these innovative products.

Switching to fully recyclable packaging

Our products come in various types of packaging. We already use fully recyclable packaging for 74% of all our products, including all müsli, biscuits, bars, oats and cereals for children, and all our cartons are made of 90% of recycled materials.

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Encouraging children to play sports

We have been trying to inspire children to exercise and move for over 25 years. This is why we have launched the project for kindergartens to promote children’s active lifestyles, as well as various sporting events and races that build on our volunteers’ enthusiastic help.

Taking proper care of
the soil where our oats grow

All Emco products are made from our own oats sourced exclusively from Czech farms. We feel that we should strive to ensure that farmers grow our oats in line with the principles of good landscape management, focusing on issues such as water retention, soil erosion and the size of the area under cultivation. We have worked with our largest supplier of Czech oats to set up very high standards of care for the soil where our oats grow.


We also buy sugar and rapeseed oil – our most important raw materials apart from oats – exclusively from Czech producers.


Producing sustainably

As part of our sustainability drive, we have recently started to focus more closely also on our production processes. Our first step is achieving partial energy self-sufficiency. In 2023, we set up a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of our production plant in Hrdly. The energy it generates will cover approximately 20% of our annual consumption. We are already thermally self-sufficient in our other production plant in Vřesce, where we use waste materials from our production line to generate all the heat that we need to keep the line going. We strive to gradually eliminate all energy losses in the production hall so as to reduce our energy consumption. It is also a matter of course for us not to waste any food in our production. 

Our goal is to extend the share of renewable energy in Hrdly plant to up to 40% of the annual consumption and to work tirelessly on improving the immediate surroundings of our facilities, whether by planting new greenery or by increasing the quality of wastewater.


Gulfood 19th - 23th February

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Trade Centre Arena

Stand location S3-B44

Foodex Japan 5th - 8th March

Tokio, Japan, Stand location E1C06

Food and Hotel Vietnam 19th - 21st March

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Stand location AG3-1

FHA 23rd - 26th April

Singapore, Stand location 5E1-03

Sweets and Snacks 14th - 16th May

Indianapolis, USA, Stand location 20569

PLMA 28th - 29th May

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Stand location 5.A08

SIAL 19th - 23rd October

Paris, France

PLMA USA 18th - 19th November

Chicago, USA

Kosher - November


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